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*PAYMENT INFORMATION - Online Deposit by Credit Card / Debit Card - Balance to be PAID in CASH ONLY at 2119 E. 25th St. Los Angeles, CA 90058 between Sante Fe Ave. and Alameda, just south of downtown LA - You must Pay the balance and pick up the paid in full Auction Vehicle on Thursday by 4:30pm or Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm the day after the Auction. If you are unable to pay the deposit online with a credit card, simply call our office at 213 749 7100 to make special arrangements. U.S. Tow, Inc. has a “No Refund” policy in place for all auctions whether paid in cash or online by credit card or debit card. **Odometer Information: U.S. Tow, Inc. does not know the history of the vehicles that are sold at Public Auction. All vehicles are sold “TRUE MILEAGE UNKNOWN". U.S. Tow, Inc. makes all reasonable efforts to disclose the mileage displayed on the vehicle's odometer reading. We take pictures and video of the odometer displayed when possible. If the pictures and video do not display the mileage, it is because we could not access the vehicle’s odometer reading. SALVAGE VEHICLES: U.S. Tow, Inc. makes every attempt to notate “Salvage Title Vehicles” as SALVAGE VEHICLE in the auction listing. No warranty is expressed or implied by U.S. Tow, Inc. for any vehicle sold at auction. ***Auction Vehicles may be subject to a key charge, key charge is applied when we have a key made by our subcontractor. ****Only bid if you are going to follow through with purchasing if you’re the winning bidder. Bidders need to understand that if they win a vehicle, a deposit is required. All deposits are non-refundable. Deposits may be used across multiple vehicles if multiple vehicles are purchased. Only bid on vehicles that you actually have interest in; if you win a vehicle that you did not have interest in, you will still be required to place a deposit and redeem that said vehicle. If you do not want that vehicle, you “WILL LOSE YOUR DEPOSIT.” If you as the bidder back out of the bid, U.S. Tow reserves the right to ban you and any persons that may represent you at U.S. Tow, Inc’s. discretion.  U.S. Tow, Inc. 2119 E. 25th St. Los Angeles, CA 90058 213 749 7100 Public Auction Rules Your participation in any part of the auction online or entering the property at the address above you agree with and will abide by all terms of sale, and hold harmless U.S. Tow, Inc. from any and all claims of injury occurring while you or your minor children are on the premises. I understand that by having signed in, that I acknowledge that I have read all rules and will abide by all rules before this online auction procedure, after this new online procedure, and all future auctions.
  1. Under the provisions of Civic Code Section 3072: All vehicles and their contents will be sold “AS IS” and all sales are final. The Company may state the year, make, and model of vehicles, however, it is the responsibility of the buyer to ascertain by his/her own means the correctness of the vehicles year, make, and model prior to bidding as U.S. Tow, Inc assumes no responsibility of correct information on lien paperwork.
  2. The buyer must register the vehicle with the Department of Motor Vehicles within 10 days after purchasing it. The buyer assumes full responsibility for transfer or ownership through the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  3. U.S. Tow, Inc. requires payment in full at the time of purchase, unless the buyer has a pre-approved account. All sales other than those by pre-approved account are to be paid for by cash or by cashier’s check made payable to the company. No checks or credit cards will be accepted for final payment, credit cards are accepted for online deposits only for winning bidders. U.S. Tow, Inc. has a “No Refund” policy in place for all auctions whether paid in cash, online by credit card, or debit card.
  4.  If the buyer fails to complete the purchase, the vehicle will be sold to the next highest bidder, or the bidding will start over at the sole discretion of the person conducting the sale. U.S. Tow, Inc reserves the right to relist a vehicle for any technical issues that may arise on U.S. Tow, Inc’s website. Winning bidders are required to provide payment in full at the time of purchase, unless the buyer has a pre-approved account. All sales other than those by pre-approved account are to be paid for by CASH or by Cashier’s Check made payable to the company.
  5. These vehicles have been appraised at $4000.00 dollars or less. Should the bid on these vehicles exceed $4000.00, said vehicles will be re-liened and sold at a later date under Civil Code Section 3071.
  6. Prior to the registering of the vehicle with the Department of Motor Vehicles, do not drive or park the vehicle on a public street. Some of these vehicles have been impounded for excessive parking violations and expired registration.  They can be impounded again for excessive parking violations or expired registration. They can be impounded again if the D.M.V. records still show the expired registration or the unpaid  citations. It is necessary to obtain new license plates and current registration. Old vehicle license plates are removed per California Civil Code Section 3071 and 3072.
  7. Buyer is responsible for all D.M.V. fees, penalties, and past due registrations; however, the buyer is not responsible for any outstanding parking citations.
  8. The Company reserves the right to accept bids in any increment they feel is in the best interest of the sale. This includes online auctions and in person auctions.
  9. All vehicles sold at sale are subject to City of Los Angeles 10% Parking Occupancy Tax, LA City Ordinance #165949, effective August 1st, 1990.
  10. All emission control equipment (smog) related repairs and certifications are the sole responsibility of the buyer. The Company does not accept responsibility for the failure of any vehicle sold, or the failure of a vehicle to meet safety standards or emissions control equipment regulations as set by any Federal, State, or Local Agency. It is the express responsibility of the buyer to comply with any safety or emissions control equipment requirements prior to using any vehicle purchased.
  11. The Company and it’s representatives do not in any way guarantee the odometer reading to be actual, true, or correct. All vehicles sold through sale are sold “TRUE MILEAGE UNKNOWN”.
  12. The Company reserves the right to bid on any vehicle. Any representative or employee of the Company bidding on vehicles will be introduced prior to the sale commencing.
  13. If you are going to bid, be sure you have registered. The registration process is now online and we ask that prospective bidders fill out the online form as completely as possible in your online profile. During the registration process, you will be required to enter your first and last name, phone number, email, and government issued identification. If the profile is incomplete, you may have an issue trying to bid.  Do not bid with someone else’s number or name. If you do, your bid will be cancelled. Each vehicle has a sale number and/or description, which corresponds to the number on the list or our online listing of the vehicle. Before the company representative sells off each vehicle, he/she will call out the vehicle’s number and/or a description of that vehicle. This applies to our online listing of vehicles as well. The online listing is now the description of the vehicle being sold. Please make sure you bid on the correct vehicle. If you don’t and you are the highest bidder you still must purchase that vehicle. If you do not purchase said vehicle you will be asked to “LEAVE THE SALE” and/or suspended from participation in the auction.
  14. Vehicles are to be removed from the lot immediately after the sale has been completed. However, before the vehicle is removed, the buyer must come to the office and sign paperwork in order to finalize the sale and transfer of title. Identification shall be required to match who has won this bid.  All documents will be issued and called by bidder number. Online auction winning bidders will be assisted on a first come, first served basis in order to complete the documents. Any vehicles not removed from the lot by 5:00pm will be subject to the current storage rate set by the City of Los Angeles for storage at an Official Police Garage plus the 10% Parking Occupancy Tax.
  15. In the event of incorrect paperwork the Company will not be liable for repairs or upgrades made to the vehicle before the D.M.V. registration process has been completed. ONLY the purchase price and the parking tax will be refunded.
  16. There is absolutely no working on vehicles in the yard. Only one person will be allowed into the yard. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  17. Any person who tampers with, removes parts, or property from a vehicle will be subject to arrest and/or expulsion from the sale.
  18. Serialized Government issued identification required to enter / participate in the Public Lien Sale Auction.
Terms of sale for vehicles appraised over $4000.00 per civil code section 3071 Although vehicles must be paid in full the day of purchase, there is a 10 Day redemption period in which the vehicle must remain at the company. (k) Within 10 days after the sale of any vehicle pursuant to this section, the legal or registered owner may redeem the vehicle upon payment of the amount of the sale, all costs and expenses of the sale, together with interest on the sum of 12 percent per annum from the due date thereof or the date when that sum was advanced until the repayment. If the vehicle is not redeemed, all lien sale documents required by the department shall then be completed and delivered to the buyer. Paperwork will be delivered to the buyer at 11:00am at 2119 E. 25th St. Los Angeles, CA 90058 on the 10th day following the sale.

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