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This week's auctions. All vehicle's now will require a deposit. Please register with your name, address, id number, e-mail, and phone number. Good luck and happy bidding!

Why go online?

About Our Auctions

Auto auctions for the new millennium

E-commerce and online business in general has taken primate over the brick-and-mortar shops almost a decade ago. We at U.S. Tow are proud to be one of the first towing companies in our area to enable our clients to purchase a vehicle on auction fully online – in a convenient, safe and no-hassle way.

The cars offered here are the exact car offered on our lot. The auction takes place at exactly same time and online and in-person bidders bid on the same vehicle, at the same time.  

Everyone loves a bargain


” I was able to get a reasonable car for fraction of the dealership price. Great deal. “

Dennis Burke

” Got my dream car on a scrapyard budget. I still can’t believe it. “

Tyler Garza

” Way less intimidating then actually bidding in person. Highly recommended. “

Carol Greene

” If you ever bought anything online, you’ll know how to use it. “

Rose Galler

More about our auctions

Unclaimed vehicles are auctioned each Thursday, excluding holidays. All auctions are open to the public and no sealed-bids are accepted. Bidders must register prior to the auction beginning and must have a valid California ID card or Driver’s License.

Each week US Tow holds a public auto auction to sell cars that have been seized or abandoned. Most of these vehicles were running when they were seized and provide a great deal to buyers. Auctions are required by law. All seized vehicles must be publicly auctioned and all are welcome. These cars are often sold for much less than the retail prices. If you are looking for a cheap used car come to the US Tow location in downtown LA and get a great deal on a cheap car.

Looking for a cheap used car in LA? Cheap cars in LA are often difficult to find. With so many people, cars are often overpriced. But not at US Tow’s weekly Seized Car Auction. It’s a great place to get a good cheap car in Los Angeles. In fact, many LA used car dealers buy their cars from our auctions each week. So cut out the middleman and come to our auction where you can get a cheap used car. Many used cars sell for less than $500 each week. We have cars for less than $1,500, cars less than $1,000, cars for less than $500 and even cars for less than $250 EVERY WEEK!

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